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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

USDOT Awards $500 Million in TIGER IV Grants

The USDOT recently announced its latest awards under the TIGER program (TIGER IV) for infrastructure development projects. Details about the awards are attached here. The total grant outlay for this round is $500 million.

A thumbnail review shows about 20% of the funding going to Port and Freight Rail projects. Here is the American Association of Port Authorities announcement about the awards, and here is DOT Secretary LaHood's blog entry on the latest awards.

The remainder of the funding goes to roads/bridges, public transit, passenger rail, bicycle lanes/trails, and walking trail projects.

Some of the big winners are the Chicago Transit Authority, receiving $20 million towards improving the CTA's 95th Street Terminal, and about $10 million to improve freight rail flow in the city. Raleigh, NC gets $21 million to improve its passenger rail station in expection of high speed rail.

Port projects funding include: $12 million to the Alabama State Port Authority to connect the Port of Mobile to Class I rail; $12 million to construct a dock in the Brownsville, TX ship channel, and $6.45 million to Tulsa's Port of Catoosa to resurface a dock and renovate a crane.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Insurance Decision Prompts Return of Alleged Syrian Arms Shipment

Here is an example of insurance coverage making significant international news in the on-going conflict in Syria. CNN reports that a Russian ocean carrier, Femco, has purportedly stopped a voyage of one of its ships from Russia to Syria, after the English Insurer pulled its coverage for all of Femco's ships based on the report of the Syrian-bound vessel was carrying arms.

According to new reports, UK Marine insurer, The Standard Club, revoked coverage for the Femco line when informed of the allegations it was carrying arms to Syria.